The Mission

Each of us knows the situation. A medical visit is inevitable, but so many questions come up. Which doctor should I go to? In such a case, you address your friends and inquires about a competent and trustworthy doctor. But this opens the door to many more questions to which DocBooking seeks to answer.

  1. Which Doctor do I go to?
  2. Which Doctor is available ?
  3. How long do I need to wait before seeing the Doctor ?
  4. How good is the Doctor ?
  5. What Possible Disease(s) do I have ?
  6. Is my Disease Serious ?
  7. Does my Disease need to be Treated Urgently ?

Not all answers will be provided for every user. But we are trying to provide these answers as often as we can.

The Management Team

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Sean Kelly

Geneva, Switzerland
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Age 54 Years, Male
  • Serial entrepreneur and investor.
    He has worked for LODH, the well known Swiss Bank, Bank SCS Alliance, Rothschild’s and SG Warburg. Graduated from University of Geneva, he has operated successfully as analyst, salesman and fund manager for various institutional funds and has been a columnist for the financial press and a radio host. He is a big advocate of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Sean became involved in his first startups as of 2001.
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George Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer
Fort Myers, FL, USA
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Age 66 Years, Male
  • Georges has over 40 years of international sales and marketing in several fields. Started and ran two companies successfully. Experienced in precious metals and real estate development. Currently involved in building residential projects in USA and laying the groundwork for introducing our telehealth product to the North American market.
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Mourad Rejah

Chief Technical Officer
Paris, France
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Age 34 Years, Male
  • Mourad has always had a strong interest in new technology, which led him to follow a career as a developer for many years. He has excellent skills in servers administration, analysis and prevention of security vulnerabilities, with successful experiences in companies such as ST Microelectronics and GFI Informatique. Here are his words about our project: “Our entire team’s objective is to bring good vibes to the crypto world, and most importantly, to place decentralized healthcare at the center of attention.
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Dr. Bernard Jordan

Chief Medical Strategy Officer
Sion, Switzerland
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Age 51 Years, Male
  • medical doctor in sport medicine and also consultant for health related fields, had a wide experience in managing and leading projects. He has worked for important groups in Switzerland and France. He has lead successful projects for implanting, restructuring and accompanying numerous medical institutions. He is also consultant for several startups in the biotechnology and E- Health. His experience in consulting is more than 15 years.

Location and Map

DocBooking's Artificial Intelligence (via its MEDoctor Subsidiary)

Here is described in a few illustrations the steps the journey of the patient when using DocBooking.


Anyone can book a doctor via the Website, or Web app.
The average waiting is barely 48 hours.


Once the patient has book for his appointment, he may prepare for his medical visit by testing his symptoms.
This will help the doctor make a first accurate statement on the patient's health.


So then the patient is asked several symptom questions by the MEDoctor system.


The patient receives his health assessment by the artificial intelligence (no worry, it's free).


Now, the patient can visit his doctor, as booked.
But he can also speak to an Online Doctor via video on his smartphone.


The doctor, whether in his practice or by video, receives all the patient's data.
This will allow for a more accurate health assessment by the doctor.
(Here is the Doctor's Video Dashboard).


The doctor then can provide the patient with his prescription, if needed.
This prescription can be a traditional paper prescription, or it can be sent via the Web App.


And, in the process, every patient can store all his health data on his Blockchain Personal Health Record and retrieve it anytime.


At anytime, the patient can retrieve all his health data from his Blockchain Personal Health Record and show extracts to any person of his choice.

The Artificial Intelligence Team - MEDoctor Inc. USA

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Charles Kelly

Chairman of the Board, MEDoctor Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, USA
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Rick Kozlenko

SBS Food Group
San Francisco, CA, USA
DocBooking Management Image

Jeff Miller

Miller Communications
New York, NY, USA
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Pr. Paul Auerbach

MD, FACEP, Stanford University Medical Center
Stanford, CA, USA
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Pr. Yunkap Kwankam

PhD, World Health Organisation (WHO), former Director E-Health
Geneva, Switzerland
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Dr. Peter Emblad

MD, Kaiser Permanente
San Francisco, CA, USA